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We believe the road we choose and the skills we learn in life, reflect in our driving.

Therefore, all instruction through Driverzed is tailored to suit your individual needs and goals and all programs have a focus on teaching Defensive Driving and Life Skills on a holistic level.

Don't confuse safe driving with legal driving.

Legal Driving is defined by the letter of the law.

Safe Driving is defined as the absence of unusual maneuvers and the non-occurrence of near crashes.

For example: A green traffic light is legal; however without scanning is unsafe!

At Driverzed you're not just learning safe driving skills, you're learning:

Hazard and risk detection and prevention

Observation and planning

Time management

Self-awareness and self control

Road empathy

Critical and creative thinking

Decision making and problem solving

Clear communication

Morals and ethics

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Automatic and Manual Cars

Driving Lessons for Licenced:

  • Learners

  • Provisional

  • Open

  • International

  • Disabled

Qld Transport Test booking

  • Pre-test lesson

  • Test Hire Car

Keys2drive FREE Lesson

Defensive Driving Courses for:

  • Mines

  • Corporate

  • Court Orders

  • Individuals

  • Schools

Medical Assessments on behalf of:

  • Occupational Therapists

  • Employers

  • Doctors

  • Insurance Companies

Driving Assessments for:

  • Seniors

  • Disabled

  • Corporate

  • Employees

  • Post Injuries or Accidents

Road Safety Education for:

  • Child Care Centres

  • Primary Schools

  • High Schools


Training for Driving Instructors and Trainer/Assessor in the form of:

  • Business Advisor and Assessor

  • Contract Work - Workplace Training and Assessment

  • Business Start Up Opportunities

  • Employment Opportunities

The following courses are now conducted online through an RTO however I am able to complete your In Car/In Person assessment for the following:​

  • TAE40110 - Cert IV in Training and Assessment

  • TLI41218 - Cert IV in Transport and Logistics (Road Transport - Car Driving Instruction)

  • TL130207 - Cert III Transport and Logistics (Road Transport)


Candice Mount​

  • Cert IV Transport and Logistics Road Transport - (Car Driving Instruction)

  • Cert IV Training and Assessment

  • Cert III Transport and Logistics (Road Transport)

  • PCYC Extensive Training

  • K2D Extensive Training

  • Cert IV Property Services

  • Diploma Management

  • ADTA Insurance -(Australian Driver Trainers Australia)

  • Positive Notice Blue Card

  • Police Check

  • Industry Authority

  • HR Licence


With a passion for adventure, business and entrepreneurship, Candi has over 20 years experience in driving a successful Business.

Driverzed has been operating for over 11 years, originally founded by Linda Norman and purchased in 2013 by Candice Mount, who upheld and expanded "Whitsundays Leading Driver Trainers" due to her passion and personal drive. With the family business Candi grew up driving trucks, chippers, cherry pickers and 4WDriving. A Jane of all trades Candi has quietly achieved as a sole trader, mother and home owner, despite living a balanced life with plenty of outdoor recreation, 4x4, adventure and travel. She upholds both business and personal morals and ethics and enjoys teaching and helping others achieve their dreams and goals.


Regular competitions are just one way Driverzed gives back to the community.

Let's warm up winter with a JULY COMPETITION

1 FREE Driving Lesson

1 FREE Driving Assessment & Report

1 FREE Breakfast for 2 at Candi's Favourite Cafe

Drawn 31st July 2021

To be in the Draw  book a driving lesson during July


1st Prize - Two nights FREE Whitsundays WINNER Som Norton

2nd Prize - 3 FREE Driving Lessons WINNER Suraya Chittleburg

3rd Prize - 1 FREE Driving Lesson WINNER Kaela Baird

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OWNER:  Candice Mount
PHONE:  0497 655 515
ABN:  67 913 340 844
OPENING HOURS:  Monday to Friday     6 AM - 6 PM
LOCATION:  Whitsundays Region - Cannonvale, Proserpine, Bowen
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